The Best Gift Of All

Things …

434px-MerryOldSantaEverybody likes getting stuff, even little things can make people smile on Christmas morning … a box of chocolates, some new socks, it doesn’t take much. It’s easier than ever before to get stuff too; online shopping is a no-brainer, there are gift cards every where you shop … these days, just laying a finger aside of your nose, presto, you’re Santa!



Something that has not gotten any easier over time however is coming up with thoughtful gifts, these still require insight and understanding of our fellow giftee. Not only that, but the truly thoughtful gift can go further than showing one`s appreciation, it can also make a statement that inspires the receiver as well. To me, sharing ideas is the real challenge in life, and finding ways to turn material gifts into vehicles of expression is really tough.


The Message

Even though retail has flourished as the true motivator behind the current popular form of Christmas, there is an interesting return to that whole Miracle on 34th Street message; you can see and feel it in smartly produced campaigns by folks at Ikea and Sainsbury … R.H. Macy would no doubt have been impressed. What makes me smile is that the message seems to be important again, it feels old-fashioned and brand new all at the same time.


The Method

Just like a truly thoughtful gift, a truly thoughtful song can make a difference in someone’s life. The overwhelming supply of mediocre fare that is instantly available to us … on store shelves, as well as on the radio, makes it hard to remember that the truly important message is one that is conveyed profoundly. Mediocre stuff is fine, but drumming up some real emotions once in a while is worth all the casual trinkets in anyone’s collection.

Pass It On

I’m very fortunate to be in good health, surrounded by a beautiful family, great friends, and live in a country where we can live free and do as we please. It makes me want to write great music, or at least try very hard to do so, and put into that effort as much genuine emotion as I can spare. By doing so, it makes me feel confident that I’ve done my best to share an important message, whether it’s whimsical, melancholy or just plain catchy, at least I’m being true to myself … and with any luck, that genuine message will be received, remembered, and passed on.