Finally Wrapping My Head Around All This Tech – Tebomusic Weekly Update: Jan 27, 2018


FInally Figuring This Whole Thing Out

I use a program called XSplit too  stream video of me and my while doing stuff on my computer, and it’s truly great stuff for showing off what I’m doing in the control room as it happens. However, multi-track recording software like Cubase, Protools, etc are complicated enough on their own, when you add broadcasting software like XSplit into the equation, things get a little tricky.

Recording footage of my working in the DAW timeline works great, but when you switch  things up a bit by monitoring certain tracks, and arming others to record, XSplit doesn’t really know if it’s coming or going, and since it uses its own proprietary drivers to  do what it needs to do internally, there is a lot of latency in the recording,  not to mention audio artifacts that are completely unacceptable for final audio quality.

Suffice to say, recording by  itself is a breeze, streaming with XSplit by itself is also a breeze, butt when these two worlds collide in a fully armed recording environment, everything falls apart.

Undaunted however I remain convinced that sharing this whole behind-the-scenes experience is important enough too find a work-around, I have stayed the course. When I’m mixing or editing, I can totally record the footage too show you guys what I’m doing. When I record actual tracks, I simply change gears and go external using remote cams and such to capture the footage. The challenge then becomes mixing it all together in order to complete the job.

Thankfully, I believe I have figured that last step out, and despite a small timing issue that you can see towards the end of this video, I remain confident that the new process WILL actually work, and as with all things, practice makes perfect.

The show must go on, stay tuned folks!


The Challenge of DAWs & Streaming – Tebomusic Weekly Update: Jan 20, 2018


DAWs Are Fun, So Is Streaming … But When They Meet!

I thought I had learned everything I needed to know about tracking in a project studio, plugging in gear without losing sound quality, re-routing audio inside the computer, resetting drivers, and such … it’s all very familiar to me, thankfully!

My new challenge however is learning the intricacies of new software like Xplit & Voicemeeter to allow guys like me the chance to share my crazy banter with you online. That is an entirely brand new technological realm that I have not yet ventured into, until now.

It’s taking me a bit of practice but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, and as I do the quality of these broadcasts will significantly improve … especially if I drink less wine in the process! Anyhow, take the video above for what it is, my most recent weekly foray into the world of streaming and recording my music. Cheers!